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Web Hosting - Easy Edition - Domain Name

What do we offer exactly ?

Axialmedia offers two types of websites. The site format business card or custom format. All combined with our simple and easy editing tool. Hosting is done on dedicated and secure servers in Montreal. Our customer support is present 7 days out of 7, to accompany you.

Business Card Website

The business card site is perfect for a company that wants to have an Internet presence with a site with a professional look and at an affordable price.

The package includes:

  • Six pages
  • basic SEO
  • Writing
  • Adaptive site
  • Static Design
  • Google Business
  • Links to your social media
  • One video integration

Personalized Website

The personalized site is ideal for those who want a site that stands out from the others, more dynamic and unrestricted. It includes all the features of the business card site with the addition of:

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Animation
  • Slideshow
  • 3D Effects
  • Taking pictures
  • Unlimited videos
  • Database

Our tool

Thanks to our application, after creating your website, you can edit the content yourself in a simple and fast way in our editor similar to a conventional word processor.

Of course, if you wish we can also take care of the necessary updates and any improvement you wish to make.

Our team is composed of specialists in their field. To see all we can offer you, visit our Service section.

our Services

Key features

  • Domain name management

  • Editing section of pages clearly identified

  • Web pages can be added, modified or deleted

  • Web hosting on a dedicated server with high-speed network

  • Basic website created for you

  • Website backup and restoration

  • Easy editing of your website

  • Easy to make hyperlinks


Several annual licence packages are offered for the acquisition of our system.Prices include updates as well as technical support.The cost of creating a basic website is $600.The licence and hosting fees are separated and correspond to the the package chosen (annually or over several years).

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